Here are some of the brands we manufacture or carry.  Please be aware that we carry a multitude of brands across several market and niches, and a lot of them are not included here.

Bill Natural Sources

Bill Natural Sources is developed by one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements and skincare products in Canada. Since its debut in the Canadian market over twenty years ago, the brand has now been popularized in international destinations for its guarantee on premium ingredients in all their products. Its name says it all: Better Immunity – Longer Life.

Apiario Polenectar

The world’s leading brand for bee propolis offers highly concentrated propolis products offered in different forms and extraction percentages.

Baby Foot

Baby Foot Easy Pack is the first product in the market that solves dry, hardened and callused skin on the soles. Its success comes from the easy application of their products and highly effective results. Researched and developed in Japan, this product is purely natural containing 13 different botanical ingredients.

Faem Skin

Faem Skin is a beauty care line created with natural and high quality ingredients. Our products are deeply nourishing and beneficial to all skin types, while honouring an essential vital balance to good health. All our products are created in micro-batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality. Each formula combines a high concentration of active botanicals and essential vitamins to offer exceptional results, offering a unique and luxurious sensory experience.


PuraPharm Corporation (“PuraPharm”) is the fastest growing Chinese Medicine company in Hong Kong. It has also swiftly become one of the strongest players in the mass market in just a little over 3 years. PuraPharm, a branded Chinese medicine marketing company, focuses on high growth potential niche products, differentiating itself from broad line dietary supplement manufacturers.

Uncle Bill


Established in 2000, BioCalth International Inc is a world leader in the development of proprietary nutritionals. Combining high-quality natural ingredients and advanced technology, our mission is to offer various health products assisting to achieve the next level of your health care in an effective and efficient way.


FINE is a nutraceutical company that has been manufacturing, researching and developing health food supplements for over 40 years. Our products, from research, manufacturing, to inspection, are all done in our in-house system. Here, we provide detailed information of our company.

Yummy House

Yummy House (Chinese: 美味棧) is a specialized producer of quality sauces and health foods. Based in Hong Kong, all Yummy House products have passed the stringent tests of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre and Hong Kong FEHD. You can find Yummy House products available in supermarkets, restaurants and hotels all over Asia, and North America.

Kawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Kawai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1943. The Company’s line of business includes the manufacturing, fabricating, or processing of drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human.

Golden Bon Bon

Golden Bonbon is the living heritage of three generations of the Mazzucco family who take great pride in the production of a quality candy. Originally from the northern Italian region of Piemonte, the family’s unique recipe established their reputation as respected artisans of torrone, also known as nougat..