At Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd., we have a strong Research & Development team of scientists and personnel of expertise dedicated to innovation, research, and development of high quality natural health products, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals in different dosage formats. Our R&D efforts span across North America, Europe, Asia and other market requirements as we stay up-to-date on the latest market trends. Drawing on the latest market research, our team works closely with the production staff to devise efficient, cost effective manufacturing processes to manufacture products of the highest quality to adhere to Health Canada’s strict requirements on product specifications and regulations.

The collaboration between our experienced R&D and sales teams provides insightful and comprehensive information for our customers to develop demanded products across different markets. Our teams work with clients to fulfil existing dosage form requirements and can also help with new formulation concepts and optimisation, new processing techniques and meet other requests such as Non-GMO, vegetarian, and Halal initiatives.

Our powerful R&D team drives our technology and services to industry leading levels and in turn provides customers with the best quality and service. We are looking forward to establishing a business relationship with you.