Better Immunity Longer Life

Our Story

Deemed to be the most innovative and fastest to expand in the industry, Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd.’s culture is exactly that.

Our young history in branding and manufacturing in Canada has propelled us forward with energy to excel amongst the best in the industry.

What keeps us motivated is our slogan: BILL – Better Immunity, Longer Life.

To offer our clients health and vitality is success to us. Our active team is constantly researching new methods to improve health and quality of life through oral and external well-being products. We are applauded for our creativity in formulating new and advanced products before others, thus setting trends in product development. Because of this we have seen rapid progress through the quality of our products and the satisfaction experienced by our customers.

Quality is everything at Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd.

All natural ingredients of the highest grade and consistency are used in our health supplements and skincare. Our production lines are under supervision by the GMP quality control system which inspects our production facilities on a regular basis. In addition, we have a Risk Management Program to ensure the safety of our products and our most important asset – our team at Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd.

Each step in our production line strictly complies with the GMP standard and is monitored to ensure that the finished product is safe, reliable and consistent.

We practice Just-In-Time manufacturing which allows us to trace our cost of production and keep finished goods under control, thereby directly lowering costs for our customers.

Our concept is to provide clients with one-stop, no hassle service.

We take care of business from start to finish:  from formulation to material merchandising to manufacturing and finally to a timely delivery. Our clients attain all the benefits of our costly investments in top-of-the-line equipment and facilities, product quality, storage, production arrangement and labour. Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd.’s OEM team allows you to accelerate your brand into the market and focus on building your business with greater flexibility.